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South African designed and manufactured with wholly SA manufactured components

Solarium Pool Services are your local Dolphin by Maytronics experts, buy and service Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners in South Africa.

Solar Heater Temperature Controller

MAXIMIZE the efficiency of your pool solar heating system. Early morning chill and the notorious Cape south easter can actually cool down your solar heated swimming pool. When water flows through your solar system in the mornings and late windy afternoons the pool water in the system is cooled (much like your car radiator) thus cooling down your pool INSTEAD of heating it! The SOLARIUM SOLAR HEATER CONTROLLER electronically controls the flow of water through the panels to maximize heating potential of the system. Sensors, in the solar panels and at the pool suction pipe, monitor the water temperature and ONLY allows water into the solar system when the solar system is hotter than the pool water temperature... thus efficiently and effectively heating your swimming pool or spa pool.



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Dolphin Robot Service & Repair

Dolphin service and repair
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Solarium Pool Services is a professional Dolphin service agent, authorised and trained by Maytronics to undertake a full range of services, maintenance and repairs.

With full diagnostic equipment, tools and carrying a wide range of parts, Solarium Pool Services is able to service your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner quickly, generally within 2-5 working days.